A Closet Styled for Success

At KBC, we know that your bedroom closet is more than a space for storage. It holds the items you wear each day, the carefully selected pieces that tell the world who you are. That’s why we firmly believe in the importance of a closet styled for success. In Part 2 of our blog feature on closets, we share 3 questions for you to consider when maximizing your closet. 

Your Closet: Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Approach your closet by taking a close look at your needs, so that your storage space makes your day-day routine of dressing for every occasion as smooth as possible. To do so, we suggest looking carefully at three key factors: dimensions of space; your wardrobe; and your lifestyle. Once you’ve done so, you can expect a closet that not only provides you with ease and efficiency, but also serves as a go-to space for readying yourself and stepping out in style.


1. Determine the Right Dimensions

First, assess your closet space by making sure that you have the appropriate height, width, and depth in which to both store your belongings and use it as a workspace for dressing, preparing and packing. Step back and ask yourself questions about the space, such as “Will it be large enough to store a piece of furniture, like a wardrobe?” and “If I want to include a chaise lounge or sofa in my closet, where will it be stationed?” to “Is there a space required to place a suitcase for packing?” Getting a firm understanding of how much space you need to work within is critical, so make it a priority.


2. Assess Your Wardrobe

Next, take an inventory of your entire wardrobe – from clothes to shoes and accessories – so that you have an accurate assessment of the quantity of goods you need to store. Today, many homeowners find that “His and Her” closets are a must. Work with your spouse or partner to ensure that each area of your closet provides maximum storage and efficiency, so that there is ample room for clothing, shoes, accessories, and a space in which to dress to your best.

3. Lean into Your Lifestyle

Finally, take the time to stand back and examine your daily routine, so that your closet enables you to streamline your life. For example, if you are a frequent traveler for business or pleasure, you never want to lose valuable time digging into the recesses of your closet for everything you want to pack. Instead, opt for a closet that allows you to easily select and pack the items you need for your travels – and factor in space for storing your luggage and other go-to travel items. Also, think in accordance with your favorites activities. Are you an avid tennis player or other sport enthusiast? Consider these questions so that you can dress for your next tennis match or activity with ease and efficiency.

At KBC, we are dedicated to reimagining the space you call home. If you’re considering designing or refreshing your dream closet, contact us. We’d love to discuss how we can bring our expertise to work for you and your whole home. Reach us at kbcpgh.com, and get social with us on Facebook @KitchenBathConceptsofPittsburgh and on Instagram @kbcpittsburgh.

Sara Ruth